About Us

We are a fully insured, locally owned and operated business serving our community since 1999.

About Our Process

Seminole Softwash employs a special mixture of water and chemicals, that is mixed according to the types of stains which are to be cleaned. The solution is made when the water is pumped through a large container on a special trailer,
and the chemicals are picked up with the water flow.

The solution travels through the hose from the trailer and is applied with a regular, garden spray nozzle at normal pressure.

There is no high pressure needed, as the chemical mixture does all the work. No need to worry about the use of high pressure spray chipping the paint off your house, or even dismantling shingles from the roof.

We have cleaned a great number of homes with the Soft Wash method, and have many satisfied, repeat customers to attest to this fact. Please do not be concerned about the use of our chemicals as pertaining to plants, pets, or people. After the Softwash has been applied, everything to which it has been applied is thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and clean hoses. To this date, the company has had no problems stemming from the use of these chemicals.